4 Ways To Improve Your Posture

1. Sit up straight

Try to be more mindful about your posture whenever you sit down. If you sit down for long periods of time for work or leisure, it’s really important to maintain good posture. Rounding of the back, shoulders and slouching are common problems for someone with poor posture. This is often due to weak abdominal and lower back, weak upper back muscles and tight chest muscles.

Use a keyword that you think about a lot during the day. Every time you think about that word, adjust your posture. Over time you won’t have to think about it.

2. Taking a standing break

Sitting down for long periods of time, is often the reason people develop poor posture. Standing up for 5-15 mins, walking around and stretching are great ways to relieve muscle tension. It might not sound like much, but just getting up and stretching helps circulate blood flow to tight muscles. Having a quick break will also help concentration.

3. Think string

When you’re standing up straight, try to visualize a long piece of string above your head, tied to something like a fan, door frame or beam. The string should be hanging straight down. Standing front on and then side on right next to the string, you should be able to see if anything is misaligned. For example: standing side on, the string be running right through the middle of your head. If you notice more of the head in front of the string, the head is leaning forwards, meaning bad neck/back posture.

4. Gym exercises

More exercises to improve your core strength need to be implemented into your routine; such as a plank. Exercises to strengthen the upper back could include a seated row or barbell row. These help bring the shoulder blades back and lifting the chest up. Often weak lats, rhomboids and strong/tight traps cause the rounding of the upper back. Another necessary thing to do is to stretch the chest muscles (pectoral major & minor) this causes rounding of the shoulders (kyphosis). By introducing these exercises over time your posture will start to improve.

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