Supporting You To Push Your Limits To Achieve Your Goals
Every Session Is About The Transformation You Always Wanted
Fitness Program That Specifically Focuses On Your Transformation
Food That Is Best For Your Fitness Goals, And To Your Taste
The Transformation Is Not Just External But Also Internal.

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Children’s  Program

Success Speaks For ItSelf

  • Very motivating, informative, and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend!

    Trent F, Retail Professional
    Trent F, Retail Professional Melbourne, VIC
  • Outstanding Trainer, great online coaching. Thrilled with my results. Will continue beyond the first 12 weeks I signed-up.

    Sunny A, CFO - Dreamaniac
    Sunny A, CFO - Dreamaniac Online Client
  • I was grossly underweight and lacked confidence. Billy not only motivated me to take charge of my fitness but also helped build my confidence. I am grateful to Billy & his team for consistent and persistent support.

    Rick S, CEO IT Brand
    Rick S, CEO IT Brand Docklands, VIC
  • We got the advantage of experiencing Online Skype Coaching by Billy from ActivelyBurnz. Definitely, works with my jet-setting lifestyle always on the move, and helps me stay in shape and workout with my partner!

    Matthew S
    Matthew S C-Level Executive, Melbourne
  • A great trainer who combines his knowledge with encouragement and motivation. Trust me, there was nothing easy about my latest session. Still sore !

    Sue B
    Sue B Melbourne, VIC
  • Billy Byrnes is an amazing trainer, mentor, and coach. We thoroughly enjoyed his time at 360 Fitness Club. Keep kicking goals and making the world a healthier place!!Yours.

    Dwone J, Director  360 Fitness Club
    Dwone J, Director 360 Fitness Club Tamworth, NSW
  • Billy has inspired me to stay on track with my fitness and overall well-being while his team continues to support with reminders, meal plans, and other guidance. I am very pleased with the results.

    Tom P
    Tom P Hoppers Crossing, VIC
  • Fantastic online training and coaching service. Totally recommended!

    Maribel L
    Maribel L EAAWC - End Abuse Against Women & Children

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