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Hi, I am Billy Byrnes, Owner, and Director of ActivelyBurnz. I’ve grown up with health and fitness as a part of my life. I played cricket, rugby league & athletics as a child, and throughout my teenage years. As I got older, I started training in the gym to focus on strength, building muscle and bettering myself personally.

ActivelyBurnz was founded in 2016. I am passionate about helping, motivating and teaching all types of people. For me, it’s all about self and lifestyle improvements, no matter what size, shape, or mindset you may be in.

When I say ‘Everyone’s Fitness’ this is the statement I proudly stand by. I will STOP AT NOTHING to help you achieve your desired goals.

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  • Booking will only be considered confirmed upon full payment.
  • An administration staff will email you with your booking confirmation.
  • You are required to advise your Fitness Professional about any medical conditions. Your medical details are confidential & secure with us.
  • All cancellations must be intimated at least 12 hours before the booked session.
  • Sessions are non-transferable and non-refundable under normal circumstances.

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Our Partners

Serenity Remedial Massage

Serenity Remedial Massage by Lynne is a proud partner of ActivelyBurnz. Our massage is based on the systematic assessment and treatment of the muscles, tendons, ligament and connective tissues within the body. Our Massage Therapy assists in rehabilitation, chronic pains and injury management. Our therapists document all sessions, maintain precise treatment notes and provide a personalized treatment plan for each client. We offer EXCLUSIVE discounts to all ActivelyBurnz clients as part of our Strategic Partnership with an aim to provide a Healthy Lifestyle Solution to you.

Szebastian Onne, Incorporated is a proud Branding, PR & Leadership partner of Actively Burnz. Szebastian Onne & His is a fitness & wellness enthusiast who have always taken a keen interest in brands that work towards general well-being. With ActivelyBurnz, the team at team celebrates the opportunity to bring Fitness, Wellness and Progress Lifestyle to their clientele while providing the most focused and pivotal branding empowerment to the team. We offer special discounts exclusively to all ActivelyBurnz Clients while creating a better and fitter world around us all.

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