Back in late 2010 was the first time I ever stepped foot in a gym. Callum, a friend of mine from school lived in a housing estate that had an exclusive gym, swimming pool, sauna, spa and tennis courts for people who lived there. He was allowed to bring friends as part of the membership. We shared a common interest in training and talked about it often.

One day he invited me to come and train with him. I remember the day very clearly. I rode my bike home from school as fast as I could, quickly got changed, drank an Up & Go (what I lived on before I started training) as quick as I could and rode my bike 2km to the gym. I would wait out the front of the gym until he arrived.

I had seen some fitness videos on YouTube, so I had a small idea of what I was doing. We mainly just used the machine and did a little bit of everything. I fell in love straight away. I could get over how fun this was!

After a couple of months, I decided to go and invest in a membership of my own. This way I could go as much as I want and whenever suited me.
At first, I started going six days a week, not the best idea when I was trying to build muscle, not eating enough and barely anything to my frame. Despite my lack of knowledge at the time, I loved training. I would be lost and bored on my rest days. It left me looking forward to the new fresh week of training.

I made some steady gains in the first few months. I continued to learn heaps every day and gradually got to the point where I was making consistent progress with my physique and strength.

A couple of years later, our family moved houses to the next suburb over. It was too far for me to get to that gym without a license, so I moved gyms.
This new gym was a half hour walk from my house. I put my headphones in, walk out the door and sip on a pre workout. It was a great warm up and I actually enjoyed the walk. The gym itself was a rough old school bodybuilding gym. But it had equipment I had ever used before, which was exciting and my motivation was through the roof.

After I finished training, I would walk back down the same track and eat my meal down by the creek. It was quite pretty and peaceful.

Another few years later and I’ve changed gyms a couple more time. The main reason being, to change the environment where I train. Different gyms have different atmospheres and I feel if I change regularly it helps me stay more motivated because I’m always learning and trying new things. Also, it’s nice to train at a gym 10 mins from my house.

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  • Szebastian

    It is amazing how you started something somewhat casually and now it is your full-time career. Very inspiring.

  • Fashion and Style Police

    I agree. Changing gyms can help you stay motivated on your fitness. It definitely helped me.

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