We all want to get the best out of our workouts… don’t we?

When we force our muscles to do things they aren’t used to, they have no choice but to change. Increasing weight, decreasing rest time, slower tempo and more volume are all ways to shock the body into muscle growth.

This one simple tip that I have implemented into my training program recently and it has helped me to target the muscles doing the work. I feel that I get much better contractions in those muscles for the rest of my workout. I have certainly noticed the different if I don’t do it.

Here’s what I do:

  • If today is a back day/pull day, I would do a normal warm up on a cardio machine to just to get the blood flowing around my body.
  • Then use a seated row machine (preferably a pin-loaded one) with really lightweight.
  • I will then do really slow reps focusing on a 2 second hold at the bottom, so you really feel the stretch.
  • Then a slow concentric (up phase of the movement) with another 2-3 second squeeze and hold at the top.
  • When holding the squeeze, make sure to really focus on the muscles you’re training.
  • For the seated row, you want your lats, rhomboids and traps to be doing the work – not your biceps.After 2-3 sets of 12 reps on this lightweight, your back should feel full of blood, but certainly not fatigued.You’re now ready to move onto your full workout!Give it a go and drop me a message with how you went.
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  • Rory Smith

    This was a really good article to understand the mind-muscle connection. Thank you so much for educating.

  • Kristi McAllister

    I actually used to manage a fitness facility and the biggest thing people blew off was the warm up! So many just didn’t see the value in it until they ended up injuring themselves because their muscles weren’t warm yet! Another thing they would forget about was stretching after. Thankfully, we always scheduled an orientation for all new members within the first few visits so they could learn the in’s and out’s of the gym. When I was training with a personal trainer myself, they always told me to slow it down and hold each rep. You can DEFINITELY feel which muscles you are working when you do that! Proper form is also important, but looks to me like you’ve got everything down, so you’re a pro! Great insight, too, on the mind-body connection!

  • Fashion and Style Police

    I know nothing about this sort of fitness, so I found this article very informative. I would like to work on my muscles a tiny bit. I will make use of these tips.

  • Nadalie Bardo

    The true could probably be said about any area of our lives. Beyond physical fitness to something like finances. If you put the pressure on, we have no choice but to adapt. I really need to force my body to exercise right about now… but sitting is so much easier.

  • CourtneyLynne

    Ooooo how this sounds like one great workout! I really need to get back on my fitness grind once fall hits!

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