Do you keep a pristine account of daily calories taken in and burned, steps walked, stairs climbed… Good! But let me ask you this, how often do you take stock of amount of time you rested? I asked the same questions to a few people around me and reactions I got were like this –

“Oh, but I have a hectic life, if I can squeeze in 5 hours sleep it’s a blessing!”
“Look I have much to achieve and rest is for the weak!”
“I sleep at night, that is enough resting right?”

Notice that most of the reactions don’t even factor in resting from the working out regime. Most people did not even think about ‘Resting Day’ as a day away from the gym. Just so we are clear, all the people I asked above questions are dedicated gym goers. Unfortunately, in most cases like above, often we do not stress on the importance and need of having a Rest Day officially included in your Workout Plan.

Well, I have got news for you buddy – the Rest Days are not only important but crucial for your real fitness gains and healthy lifestyle. And so we are clear, the Rest Days in this entire article refer to Day Off from the Gym and any workout.  If you are not giving your body the much-needed Rest Day in between work out days, you are not building your body, you are wrecking it. SIMPLE.

Here are 3 Top Reasons Rest-Day is important for your workout regime.


When you lift weights and push your limits you are principally tearing the muscle fiber and your body needs time to repair and grow these muscles back into shape and adjusted to new ‘surroundings’ per say. When you do not rest, you may end up what I would call ‘overusing’ your muscle repair threshold and injuring yourself in the process. This is the very reason you train different muscle group on different days so the muscles used earlier in the week can recover from the tear and grow themselves for the next grueling. For optimum muscle growth, as well as preventive measures, you must allow your muscles to rest in between intense workout days.


When you work out, the alertness and heart rate of your body are at their peak. Your body reacts to surrounding noises more hyperactively than if you were not working out. A good Rest Day aids your body to bring down it’s alertness to healthy levels and gives your heart some relaxing time. This consequently helps you form a healthy sleeping pattern and get a sound sleep. If your body is lacking rest from sleep, it can become counter productive and you can find yourself distracted while exercising and risking greater physical harm than gain.


As you work out hard at the gym, so does your brain and heart to keep you focused, psychologically strong and charged. Constant workout without any Rest Day can cause both Physical and Mental fatigue and lead to both physical burnout and mental exhaustion. You end up losing coordinated focus and strength when working out. Also, when your mind and body are not getting sufficient rest, your immune system starts crashing and despite appearing strong and fit your body failed to cope with slightest infection. Your immune system needs time to play catch-up with your growing muscles, changing body and increased need for mental strength. A Rest-Day not only restores your muscles but also gives relaxing time to your brain and immune system can catch up to speed with your growing physical and mental strength needs.

Hence, I recommend picking at least one day during the week and 1 day on the weekend when you are far away from the weights and exercising, allowing your body to just rest, relax and recover. Let’s think of it as a reward for your body, mind and soul for being a hard-working and dedicated team.

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  • Fiona Cambouropoulos

    I get so restless if I have a day with no exercise and too much rtime on the PC, however you make a good point for it. I do find alternative exercise works for rest days, boring as it sounds but gardening and housework are good.

  • stacey

    Haha, never. I used to track my sleep, but I can’t tell you how much I tracked for rest in between exercises. I’ll have to see if its in line with the amount of energy spent.

  • Cassie Mac

    Ok thank you! I recently had a baby and I am in need to lose these pounds, this further proves I need to sit back and rest on appropriate days!

  • Christina

    I SO agree! It can be hard when we have goals we want to reach, but can also ultimately hurt our performance.

  • Julietta M

    These are great points! A rest day is definitely really important and a great reward for your mind and body!

  • Christie Moeller

    Such great advice. I think we all forget out muscles need time to heal in between workouts!

  • Bashi

    Rest is so so important. In this rushing world people forget to take their time off and think of their bodies. Trying to keep pace with this world is important as much as a rest to our bodies


    These are all amazing tips, and rest is indeed so important. Thanks for sharing!

  • Preet

    I am a busy mom. I always wanted to have a rest day but since I am a full time hiuswife I think there is no time for such a restday 🙁 This is really important.

  • Me With My Suitcase

    mmmm, I’m so so lazy that resting sounds so so great to my ears! 🙂

  • London Mumma

    I am so glad that I read this post today, I am in agony from a two day work out and I have an insane one tomorrow, I was going to push myself today, but after reading this I think i’ll go home and chill

  • Steph

    Haha, I go to the gym so chaotic. I went to the gym for one month almost every day and everyday was leg day. :))

  • Sue-Tanya Mchorgh

    I agree with your reasons. Rest day is definitely important.

  • Jasmine Hewitt

    so much truth in this post! self care is vital and taking time for yourself is key!

  • Bethany Stout

    This is a lot of great information. I always try to do at least 5 days each week of exercise and schedule in 2 rest days.

  • Emily Leary

    Really interesting read. Will send to my husband as I know he’s always tweaking his training plan.

  • Bianca osbourne

    rest is truly the unsung hero of fitness!

  • Joanna

    When I used to go to the gym every day I would leave the weekend out to rest. I was working out very intense, swimming in the morning and joining a group class in the evening, so it was essential for me to have one (in my case two) rest day.

  • Taryn

    Wow! I never realized that too much training affect sleep. Great post!

  • Jesusa Gilliam

    This is great information, I will have to share with my husband. He’s been getting into the habit of running every day, and I tell him to get rest at least a day. He will like the fact that it will help form a healthy sleeping pattern and get a sound sleep.

  • lauren porter

    This is really good advice – I had never really thought about the importance of needing a rest day, but you make very valid points!

  • Scott Gombar

    I would agree that rest day is important but I always feel guilty for taking it.

  • Nomads4Life

    Everytime I ignore this advice, I feel the pain afterwards! Thanks for the reminder.

  • Amy Nrown

    I am not a huge workout person, but try to be active 3 or 4 times a week. No hard weight training, but still find that resting is very important. It is easy to get excited and do too much too often and forget about your overall health. Thanks for bringing attention to this!

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