Warming up is one of the most important aspects of training. It ensures the muscles are full of blood, the joints are lubricated and mentally gets you ready for a great training session.
An all-around great warm up will get your heart rate up, which means the heart is pumping blood all around your body.

Here’s a few quick tips to get the best out of your workouts with a good warm up:
• A warm up is a warm up not a workout, it should be gentle and not intense.
• Start off with really low intensity and gradually increase.
• Warm up body parts that you will be training that day. Eg. If you’re training legs to warm up on the bike if you’re training back try the rower.
• Use the full range of motion – if you’re warming up on lat pulldowns, ensure you feel a good stretch at the top of the movement and a good squeeze at the bottom.
• Use the time during the warm up to think about and plan the workout ahead.
• Put headphones in and listen to music that gets you motivated.
• Use a foam roller to release muscle tension (myofascial release)
• Don’t watch the clock.
• Think positive thoughts.

Examples of a Warm Up
Chest ➡ push ups
Back ➡ rower machine
Shoulders/calves ➡ skipping/jump rope
Legs ➡ bike
Running ➡ myofascial release (foam roller)

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